10 rules in dating my daughter

The same goes for your wandering eyes, if they go anywhere below eye level I will ask you to leave the premises as soon as possible, if you do not comply I will take action that I feel is necessary (i.e. Rule #3 I am aware that the so-called latest fashion trends mean that you wear your jeans several sizes too big so that your underwear shows or that you wear jeans known as "girl pants" for boys that are so tight they contour every area of your lower extremities and also expose your underwear.

Now that we got the small stuff out of the way, read the following rules below and if you agree and sign you may qualify to date my beautiful, wonderful, innocent and precious daughter.You may NOT encourage or enable the use of alcoholic beverages, drugs of any kind and and tobacco.If you demean or degrade her, cheat on her or in any way make her feel less than the princess that she is, refer to #1 yet again.You must also become an expert in determining if we are being sarcastic or serious. When taking her out on a PROPER date, you WILL come to the door, you WILL be polite and you WILL wait patiently as she continues to get ready.

Assuming sarcasm when we are serious may result in pain, see #1. I guarantee you that she will ALWAYS be running late, this is just something you are going to have to get used to.

I realize that you are just following the latest trends because you aren’t original in your choices so let’s come to a negotiation: You may come to the door with your under clothes showing and your pants too big or too small, and I will not comment.