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Those outside counsel who he works with regularly are expected to ‘deliver clear replies and focus on the essential issues’.

We have canvassed opinion from our 2.5 million in-house readers and partners at law firms in Germany (and wider Europe), to bring you the in-house stars that are driving the profession.In Germany, several Federal Court rulings can be traced back to Baumgartner, be it in the areas of competition, antitrust or trade marks.Outside of his day-to-day work, he dedicates his time to MARQUES, the European association representing the interests of trade mark owners.In Europe, he has been a driving force behind several European Court of Justice rulings, and in the US ongoing proceedings led by the company are being watched closely.

Baumgartner has repeatedly contributed to triggering major market changes well beyond Germany’s borders, including in China where a ‘landmark ruling’ regarding the implementation of effective market control is imminent.

Top Spanish conductor Jesus Lopez Cobos, who wielded the baton at a clutch of top ensembles including the Spanish National Orchestra and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (CSO), has died of cancer aged...