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As we probed further, we discovered that the gender ratio claimed by the site was entirely inaccurate.After we registered, we were able to get a full of view of the x Social user base.

The VIP support basically means that when you send an email to complain about the fake profiles, somebody will be kind enough to reply to you several days later stating that you should have read the terms of service.When you activate it, you’re shown a sequence of other member’s profile pictures.Your only options are to click on the arrow button to move on to the next profile or to like them by sending them a message.It turned out that those error messages were a false positive. Once we registered on the site and entered the user platform one thing became painfully obvious — x Social is not in fact 100 percent free.

When our testers persisted three to four times, they were able to be successful with the registration. Well, just by looking at the small print immediately below the box you must check to agree to the terms of service of the site, you will find what we commonly refer to as the “dreaded fake profile warning.” It states, “I also agree to receive… aimed at enhancing my entertainment experience.” Such a disclaimer is ALWAYS a bad sign. Yes, just like a child learning that Santa Claus is not real, this fact slammed us in the gut like a battering ram —or a drunken reindeer galloping at 100 MPH.

Final Word on x Social x Social is one of those online hookup sites that offers absolutely nothing of substance to its users.