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of New York gave $10 to a political advocacy group Melanie C. of Washington gave $40 to a person in need of medical care Maureen D.of Lebanon, CT gave $20 to Vine Sanctuary, Springfield, VT Jane C. of Long Island, NY gave multiple $25 annual donations to the Arbor Day Foundation, Holy Trinity High School, Philadelphia University, and Surfrider Paula K.

of the USA gave $20 to Critters Writers Workshop Emily R. Martin of London, UK gave £10 to Family Action Tyler S.of Ohio gave $25 to the Ohio History Fund, Ohio Wildlife Species and Endangered Wildlife Conservation, Wishes for Sick Children, Breast/Cervical Cancer Fund Michelle R.of Newark, DE gave $20 to the Food Bank of Delaware Rebecca B. of Ohio gave clothes and household goods to the Salvation Army Jonathan C. Louis, MO gave $25 to the American Heart Association Brian F. of UK gave £10 to PLAN International for Guinea relief Patty G. of Texas made a funeral urn for the ashes of the mother of a family that couldn't afford one Robb O.

of Bloomington, IN gave $20 to Hoosier Hills Food Bank Reanna H. of Newbury Park, CA gave $10 to the Newbury Park Library David N. of Mc Kinney, TX gave $50 to the Mc Kinney Public Library Lisa Q. of Woodstock, NY gave $25 to Family of Woodstock Tammy B. of Fairfax, VA gave $20 to Kids in Need of Defense Bob B. of Chicago, IL gave $25 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation Kenneth O. of Boston, MA gave $1000 to a high school friend to help pay for his heart surgery Sam C. of California gave $120 to Clean Water Action Lynne K. of New Orleans, LA gave $25 to Innocence Project New Orleans Livius N.

of New Jersey gave $20 to International Relief Teams of Puerto Rico Amanda S.