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But that unconventional marketing strategy works well for Steve Silberberg, owner and head guide at Fat Packing, a company that helps people lose weight by taking them on extended backpacking trips.Silberberg and his crew of experienced wilderness guides take moderately overweight people deep into state and national parks in the U. and South America, where they hike, explore and camp their way to fitness.Since then, Castellano has developed a solution to nearly every fashion malfunction—from "Subtle Butt," gas neutralizing pads, to "Pocksie," a temporary sticky pocket for those times when carrying a purse isn't practical.For Castellano, business success isn't just measured in sales or media coverage — though her products are regularly featured on NBC's "The Today Show" — but in satisfied customers.A better wedding gift registry If you've ever given or received a wedding gift, then you're likely familiar with the wedding registry — that (sometimes) voluminous list of a couple's every material want and need.While registries are certainly convenient, cluing guests in on a couple's personal style and eliminating redundant gift-giving, they also make the whole gift-giving process a bit impersonal.In an email to Business News Daily, Castellano said she frequently gets letters from clients thanking her for providing a cure for their most embarrassing problems, like foot odor and visible panty lines.Weight loss in the wild Most business owners wouldn't tell prospective customers to take a hike.

Unlike most bartering sites, which operate on a one-to-one basis (i.e.

They are then directed to the card-giver's online profile and can— if they like what they see— connect with admirers via the Cheek'd mobile app.