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Your current financial position is unimportant under this plan. Answers to ALL of these questions and many more are answered in our "FULL DISCLOSURE REPORT - SELF-LIQUIDATING (ARBITRAGE) LOANS." Our report even tells you how to get almost ANY BANK in the world to make the loan for you - using Prime Bank Notes.Needless to say, you have probably seen hundreds (maybe even thousands) of offers over the past ten to twenty years - but - have you been able to get a Self-Liquidating (Arbitrage) Loan? (We even tell you WHERE you can get Prime Bank Notes).The amount you have left is yours to keep and do with as you like (usually to the tune of €3.000.000 to €12.000.000). Why do most bankers cringe when you ask them to act as a fiduciary for your Self-Liquidating Loans?This is called the "FALL-OUT." All of the above actions take place SIMULTANEOUSLY at the closing of the loan, which is arranged by the "collateral house" for the primary broker who put the deal together. After all, all you are asking them to do is disburse the funds against your orders.

The fraud operators present the 4% advance fee as payment for an insurance certificate covering the loan.Of course, since you will be buying the required collateral and income-producing instruments from the loan proceeds, your credit history does not matter. How can it be a rip-off if there aren't any front-fees involved? Could I do a Self-Liquidating Loan in a smaller amount and have a better chance of success?We repeat that All you have to have is a viable project for which the fall-out from the loan will be used. Can I do a Self-Liquidating Loan locally; In my own home town?In order to qualify for the loan, victims are required to register a new company in the Middle East.

Once the company is registered and the advance fee handed over, victims receive a counterfeit cheque for the full amount borrowed.

Those stung by this operation have found themselves losing hundreds of thousands of euros and holding worthless insurance certificates.” He concluded: “The FIB recommends that any loan offer appearing to have similarities to the fraud depicted above, should be treated with suspicion and avoided.” FIB is part of the ICC's Commercial Crime Services (CCS).