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If you are one of those people who can visualize an object in front of you, a real world object – a peanut butter jar, can opener, car key or a wallet – you can spin it around in your mind and know exactly what it looks like, 3D modeling will probably be a good fit for you.That is essentially what you will be doing every single day.For the most part, this interest or passion is the only prerequisite you will need.One thing that is not essential but will absolutely benefit you is a good sense of spatial awareness.It almost does not matter if you choose Blender, 3ds Max or Maya; all of these tools are very capable in enabling you to do things you could have never done before. Jonathan: Keeping in mind how similar the 3D software packages have become, I think Blender makes a very good choice especially for new artists, for a few reasons.One of the primary reasons is that there is no barrier to entry. If you only have access to a computer that is a few years old now, it will still work. To give an even more extreme example, if you don’t have a computer at home, you can simply put Blender on a flash drive and go to your public library or any other place that has a public computer.If virtual reality keeps on growing, it is going to have a much larger impact on people’s everyday lives.

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If you are a computer science student and you want to start developing on Blender or if you are building a data visualization tool, you can integrate it directly in Blender without having to build the whole foundation, just leverage Blender.And of course, it is completely open-source, so the software is free and there’s no usage restrictions on anything you create.This is important because one of the issues that young artists may run into if they learn 3D modeling at school is getting a free student license which, as soon as you leave school, can no longer be used for commercial work.Jonathan: Again, that depends on the software that you choose.

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