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—Want to know the secrets to increasing your magnetism with women?In my weekly podcast, Last First Date Radio, I share valuable tips about how to attract and sustain healthy relationships after 40. My guest, David Bennet and his twin brother, Jonathan, devoted many years of research studying the science of attraction, which led to the following practical dating advice for men.◊♦◊Men don’t think of being attractive as a science.Are you starting to lose hope that there are any men who share your values and desires for a committed relationship?Well, let me help a sister out and share some secrets about dating over 40 from the perspective of what men want and how you can attract your perfect match.This past week, I ran across a chapter on dating men over 40 in birthday, I figured the info was worth checking out.

Let women see things in your life from the best possible point of view.

But if you are having trouble dating or in relationships, many men just get mad at women.

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