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The Tasman Glacier (Southern Alps), which has a total length of over eighteen miles and an average width of one mile and a quarter, is the largest. It does not purport to cover all such peaks, nor is exactitude claimed in respect of the elevations shown, many of which are known to be only approximate.On the west coast the terminal faces of the Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers are hut a few hundred feet above sea-level. The hot springs of the North Island form one of the most remarkable features of New Zealand. (Edin.), Member of the International Society of Medical Hydrology, Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society:—It has been acknowledged by the leading hydrologists in Europe that New Zealand possesses the most valuable mineral waters in existence.

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In these natural acid baths the reactions are mainly stimulating, with increased hypermia in the parts submerged, and marked lessening of pain and swelling in the affected joints and tissues.There is, in addition to the foregoing, a valuable silicious mud similar to that found in Pistany, in Czecho-Slovakia, which, in its own sphere, in hydrotherapy, exerts its influence as a curative agent.However, it is in the “Priest” waters that one finds one's most valuable ally in the treatment of arthritis, fibrositis (the so-called rheumatic affections), and cases of nervous debility.Section XXXVI contains some figures of the distribution of household expenditure as disclosed by the Household Budget inquiry of 1930, and also includes index numbers showing the effect of price movements on farm expenditure. Of these four volcanoes only the first-named can be classed as extinct.

With this issue is published a map of New Zealand on a larger scale and containing much more detail than that hitherto included in the “Year-book.”MALCOLM FRASER, Government Statistician. Chatham Islands.() Outlying islands included within the geographical boundaries of New Zealand as proclaimed in 1847:—Three Kings Islands. Other dormant volcanoes include Mount Tarawera and White Island, both of which have, in recent years, erupted with disastrous consequences.

In April, 1842, by Letters Patent, and again by the Imperial Act 26 and 27 Vict., c.