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Enjoy true-to-life, ultra high-resolution images in smooth motion.Plus, the realistic ambience of audio recording with the optional Stereo / Shotgun Microphone (DMW-MS2) with the ability to adjust sound gathering characteristics to match any shooting situation.For even greater versatility, switch to manual operation in Creative Video mode and dramatic slow motion in full-HD 120 fps video with the ability to switch easily between video and still capture for the ultimate in image creativity.The FZ1000 also enables in-camera playback screen grabs of (3840 x 2160) 8-megapixel equivalent hybrid photography photos from 4K video footage to capture the spur-of-the-moment shots often missed with ordinary still photos.

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It has an F2.8-4.0 brightness that resists blurring even with telephoto shots, and an angle of view that extends from 25mm wide-angle to 16x optical zoom.It takes stable video even in high-angle, blind recording.In-camera Creative Control adds artistic and original expression to your photos and videos. With IBM Watson capabilities such as machine learning and natural language processing, the system can better protect against user-specific vulnerabilities, identify impostors and warn of emerging threats.