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Other students using the same teaching method can skip topics they already know and go on to advanced information.Special education is a great example of individualized instruction.Instructional Accommodations [Teacher Tools] [Case Studies] Great Expectations An important theme across all areas of this website is one of "great expectations" for ALL students.All of the tools and strategies that you will discover on this website begin with the expectation that, with research based strategies for instruction and support, all students can learn toward grade level academic content standards, and all but a small percentage of students with the most significant disabilities can achieve proficiency on those standards.

Through an IEP, the school can meet their individual needs and provide accommodations just for them.A third group might create a poster or an art project to show what they’ve learned.Students may read books on topics that are closely matched to their reading levels.Here’s what you need to know about both approaches.

Flexible groups are at the heart of differentiated instruction.

And some students need special help along the way to fill in areas where they struggle.

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    Objectives. Students will describe and discuss the elements of effective instruction beyond a good lesson. examine and evaluate how students are grouped in order to.…
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