Accommodating building deflection

The expansion joint in the above photo runs through the brick pavers as well as through the structural slab that supports the plaza.Waterproofing is handled on the structural slab by a buried waterproofing membrane.The expansion joint bisects all of the building elements including the structural slab, membrane, and wear course (bricks).

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A grooved pipe-joining system is one method of accommodating thermal expansion and contraction in HVAC systems.The FP-series of plaza deck expansion joints from EMSEAL, ensure that the joint is properly integrated with the waterproofing membrane while accommodating structural expansion and contraction movement of the split-slab plaza deck assembly.Because the joint bisects the entire structure, it marks a gap through all building assemblies–walls; decks; plazas or split-slab concourses; foundation floors and walls; roofs, planters, and green roofs; fire-rated demising walls and floors; interior floors; etc.It reduces stress on the piping system and provides a more compact, easy-to-inspect, and productive method of installation over other pipe-joining methods, such as welding or flanging.

In addition, with the grooved method, all sealing elements are combined within a metallic housing.

Inadequate accommodation of this movement can result in business risks caused by excess stress on the piping system, including: increased incidence of ruptures and leaks; increased stress on boilers, chillers, valves and other equipment and components; and increased downtime and labour expenses.