Accommodating colorblind computer users

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Meng Wang and Xian-Sheng Hua of Microsoft Research Asia, along with Bo Liu of the University of Science and Technology of China, will conduct a demonstration on July 20 entitled Accommodating Colorblind Users in Image Search.The event, to be held in Boston from July 19-23 at the Sheraton Boston Hotel and Northeastern University, will feature 74 accepted papers, in addition to a busy schedule packed with tutorials, workshops, posters, demonstrations, and talks.And of those accepted papers, no fewer than 21―28 percent―come from Microsoft Research. Microsoft Research has a history of strong participation in SIGIR.Tie-Yan Liu of Microsoft Research Asia chairs the Learning to Rank I session on the morning of July 21, and that afternoon, Susan Dumais of Microsoft Research Redmond will chair the Interactive Search session.