Accommodating gifted students

After all, gifted students aren’t giving the autonomy to decide what they want to learn.It is our job as their teacher to provide these students with opportunities that accommodate their unique learning abilities and needs.As we’ve been trying to illustrate, accommodating the needs of your gifted students doesn’t have to be time-consuming.

We need to cover so many things—from the Common Core State Standards to our ever-changing curriculum—it can feel as though we are being stretched to our limits from one direction to another.These apt minds just want to be challenged, oftentimes in ways that won’t call too much attention to their slightly different activities.An effective way to maximize gifted learning under the radar is by implementing choice boards, or as some call them learning menus.Let’s face it—as much as we’d like to, we teachers don’t have the time or the luxury to customize every student’s curriculum.

Fortunately, we can use Bloom’s Taxonomy to engage students regardless of their current achievement.

With approximately 3 million gifted students in grades K-12 in the United States, how can we be sure we’re meeting their unique needs?

Accommodating gifted students comments

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