Accomodating resistance equipment

The legs, arms, and trunk start with no motion, accelerate, and then decelerate.Thus, accentuation trains only in the strongest position, not the weakest.

As Rowdy Roddy Piper said: “Just when you think you’ve got all the answers, that’s when Westside changes all the questions.” Well, at least that’s what Westside does.The effectiveness of a strength exercise depends on its velocity. Explosive strength is “the steepest increase in strength in the shortest possible time.” Jumping, bounding, plyometrics, and isokinetics are explosive.Olympic weightlifting is not; it is a speed-strength sport that does not build explosive power.(All Westside squats off boxes are at parallel.) Band tension pulling on the bar resulted in a faster eccentric phase of 0.57 seconds and the concentric phase was 0.54 seconds, thus .3 seconds faster and an additional 200 pounds through the range of motion.

This was accomplished by increasing velocity in both phases (Faster Down = Faster Up).

Therefore, the amount of resistance used is determined by the sticking point -- or weakest point -- of the exercise.

Accomodating resistance equipment comments

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