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“Matt gave his family the heads-up – ‘It’s Hanukkah at the same time, and Amy’s bringing the menorah,’ ” Starr said.COMMUNICATION IS KEY Starr, 40, grew up in New Jersey in an active Jewish household. As a little girl, Starr remembers protesting when a holiday concert at her school only included Christmas carols.“It just stuck.” ‘WE’RE HELPING HIM’ Hartnett grew up in Philadelphia in a large Irish Catholic family.He served as an altar boy at his family’s parish, studied at Catholic school and attended Christmas Eve Mass with his family. “The next day, after all the presents, we would head back over to Grandmom’s for dinner.” As an adult, he doesn’t observe many Catholic traditions.

The couple divorced, and both parents decided to stay in Maine to raise Everett and Roxy.“I wanted him to be able to feel like this was as much his home as it is mine.” Their baby has two names – Finnian Jordan in English, Yardain Chanan in Hebrew.In Hartnett’s family, a number of living relatives share first names.In Jewish tradition, a baby is named after a relative who has passed away.

They eventually chose his English and Hebrew names in tribute to Hartnett’s grandmother and Starr’s great aunts who have passed away.

The teacher eventually added a Hanukkah song to the program.

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