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Snapchat is continuing its push into augmented reality with Bitmoji.Now, you'll be able to use the app's world lenses to place your Bitmoji in the world around you.Just in time for all your holiday-ing needs, Snapchat has rolled out animated stickers and filters that do everything from sparkling and flashing to changing colors.Find the stickers in the sticker drawer and swipe right or left on a photo or video to access the filters. Snapchat is furthering its push into AR with site-specific filters.The move is one that expands Snapchat's potential as a media company, since videos will be more widely available.The app showed its power as a primary news source in August, when it became one of the few ways to get a first-hand look at the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.He said this scam was the kind of threat that worried and scared society."It is an example of how sophisticated the attacks on the internet are now."CERT had not seen evidence of video footage so it did not know whether or not the threat was real or "opportunistic".

Since friends only have a limited period of time to admire your spontaneous moments, you want to make them count.When someone clicks on the link you sent, they'll see a Story through Snapchat's new web-based Story player.Per Snapchat tradition, Stories won't last forever: Links to Our Stories and Search Stories will remain active outside of the app for 30 days, while Official Stories will only be available for 24 hours.Think about your favorite Snapchats that you've ever opened. They may also take advantage of the app's revolving selection of filters, stickers, and text options (we'd bet some face swapping shots likely rank in the top five).

Whereas Instagram is all about carefully curated moments, Snapchat is all about spontaneous creativity.

A new site allows anyone to watch Snaps that have been shared publicly, as well as thematic stories tied to local events such as New York Fashion Week and the Westminster Dog Show.