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You will prepare your own resume and tailor it to suit different jobs.You will discover ways to build your confidence, learn interview tips and much more.Everyday Literacy Reading, writing and numeracy skills are important for everyday life.This course will provide a supportive environment for you to build the reading, writing and numeracy skills you need for everyday life.

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Preparing for Work In this course you will learn how to highlight employability skills by creating a personal profile, discover the importance of networking as well as ways to look for jobs.My Wellbeing This 8 week course will help you develop and practice a series of wellbeing and resilience tools to help you manage stress, think more optimistically, locate your own strengths to handle the challenges that life throws at you.Health and Wellness Improve your overall health and wellbeing by exploring aspects of wellness and become aware of your health choices.Basic word processing skills are required for this course.

Introduction to Café Work Have you ever wanted to work in a café?

[TOP] Computers for Work Learn how to use Microsoft Office to undertake a variety tasks and functions.