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Some of the visiting fields had actual dugouts, or at least benches obscured by tarps and things. Truffeau on the bench as she kept score, and read the score sheet.She'd sit close to me as she explained how she kept score, and rub her bare leg against mine, and I'd press back. Truffeau stood behind me on the bench and put her hand on my shoulders.Eric's mom was a redhead with a little weight on her and very average looks, but I enjoyed staring at her big tits and wondered what the redhead's pussy hair looked like. She caught him fucking my sister's babysitter." Pete's dad was Coach Clark, one of our team's assistant coaches. He was hired on after the draft as an extra coach, because Pete was not one of our best players. I think he played ball just because his dad made him. She used to be real modest, but now she's always parading around the house in her underwear or sexy lingerie, and even leaving the bedroom door open when she changes." "How about you, Mike? Sometimes I think she tried to fit in and act like a little more like a regular person and less like a mom.Still, I wasn't about to mention Eric or Pete's moms, and they never mentioned mine. Coach Clark was a typical big loud jock, never teaching but always yelling. And sometimes I think perhaps she enjoyed our dirty teen innuendos.Kip and Eric and Pete and I all noticed right away. "You win this game, and maybe I will, Pete," said Mrs. I didn't think she meant it, but that WAS motivation, and we came from behind and beat our rivals in an important game. She'd clearly been celebrating by having a few drinks, and met me at the door with a beer in her hand. Apparently she didn't have an issue with kissing the mouth that just licked her pussy.

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Like when Kip held two baseballs in his hand and said something about having "a pair of big balls". Truffeau retorted, "Kip, you only wish your balls were that big." And then some baseball bat jokes.All of this was out of the eyeshot and earshot of the other coaches and adults.It got to the point that when she was coaching first base and I'd get on base, she'd come over and whisper some instructions to me, and press her tit into my shoulder. " All of us stripped out of the rest of our clothes. T broke away from the pack, and as I stood up she grabbed my hand.At the next game, Pete's mom showed up in the bleachers in a tight fashionable summer dress that scooped way down in front, showing some pushed-up cleavage, more cleavage than I thought the slender blonde possessed. Her face was just average, and her shoulder-length brown hair was sort of unkempt and unstyled. But she did have nice sized tits on such a skinny frame.

Pet's mom was a bona-fide stuck up bitch, the kind of mom that tended to treat us like vermin when we were around, if she even acknowledged our presence. I'll come home and be real quiet so she doesn't know I'm there, and then she'll come out of her bedroom or the shower completely naked." "What does she look like naked? "Her tits are big and heavy and have light colored nipples," replied Eric about his redheaded mom. I'd never heard that term before, and it made me chuckle. And her ass and legs weren't bad, either, when she was the only female to look at.

I was hoping she'd arrived after we played with Mrs. " "She was smoking, and came over to talk to Kip." "She didn't offer you boys a smoke, did she? Not because I was offended, but I just thought of my mom as a mom. As if on queue, Mom leaned over to retrieve something from her purse, allowing her tank top to gap open, and a whole lot of cleavage to be displayed to my teammates. " A month ago I would have laughed at such an absurd question. She was on top, and her ass was grinding and her tits were hanging down." We didn't always have to look behind us in the stands for some female action. And since Shawn was a great player, and his mom was divorced and Shawn's dad wasn't around, Coach Miles picked Mrs.

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