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Don't go wandering without a good sunscreen, hat, and environmentally-friendly bug spray.It's better to wear light khaki pants rather than shorts to traipse over the fields and through the woods, but let personal comfort direct you on this. If you're planning a longer hike, make sure you have water, light snacks, any medications you may need and a cell phone.As one of the most popular retirement activities, birdwatching can combine a nature hike, a social event, a picnic and other fun activities all in one. A birdwatcher is considered a casual hobbyist by a birder, who delves into the science on many levels.It's important to try new things as you age, and birdwatching will provide you with a hobby that stimulates your mind, body and spirit, making it a perfect activity for keeping you young both in body and in spirit. Birders take long trips specifically designed to catalog birds or help with conservation efforts.So you've decided you're madly in love and are totally okay with boning this one person—and only this one—for the rest of your long adult life! But before you waltz into matrimonial bliss, you have to pop the question and get a yes. If they weren’t, we’d just call them Hey—quick question for yous.

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Unlike many other hobbies, you can pick up birdwatching right away.Just a few months ago, a high school friend on Facebook alerted everyone that she is now engaged to a man who put the ring in her Setting aside the fact that it’s just really weird to put a very nice, very expensive thing in a large cup of malted cow-teat juice (you wouldn’t fold the keys to a Lexus inside some pizza dough, would you? ), the larger issue here is: I heard about one guy who put a ring on a necklace, then put the necklace on a dolphin, and then the dolphin was supposed to swim up to his girlfriend. Your personal preference will dictate the type of notebook you need for recording birdwatching information.

Every time you go birdwatching, make detailed notes about what you saw; you can also store pictures, plant samples, and other tidbits in your notebook.

As your intention grows, you might want to spend a few winter nights curled up with National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America.