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How to Keep a Text Conversation Going When You Have Nothing to Say You may be a chatterbox in person but when it comes to knowing how to keep a text conversation going, a doorknob is more exciting. An intimate relationship is not just about falling in love, it is also about staying in love.

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The greatest pleasure isn't sex, but the passion with which it is practiced.Sharing a sexy love quote with the special someone you can’t get our of your head, so that when your lips finally do touch, it’s electric cosmic. They stir your emotions, your heart, your very soul.When you find that person, that kiss truly is everything… In that moment, it’s undeniable that your soul has found it’s mate. helped you express your burning desire and love to your partner.We can also enjoy activities at home that would strengthen the bond of our relationships.

However, sometimes these fun and romantic activities may be expensive so we have collected sexy love quotes you can send to your lover anytime.

“In a perfect world, you could fuck people without giving them a piece of your heart.