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Customer service options are available on the contact us page of the Direc TV website. If customer service is the reason for your visit to the Direc TV website, you can use the support link: Click here to leave a comment about your customer service experience. The support side of the Direc TV website offers a lengthy FAQs section and question and answer page. The monthly subscription price for is $99.99/month.Direc TV is an alternative television and Internet provider.

The customer service department at Direc TV was helpful with our request for information.– 100170000) – 03/23/2012 PM Dear Mr Banks, Thanks for writing to us about your interest in DIRECTV.I understand that you would like to sign up for DIRECTV service without agreeing to a contract. We look forward to serving you in the years to come with the best programming, technology and customer service. – 100170000 DIRECTV Customer Service Customer By Web Form (Richard Banks) – 03/23/2012 AM If I become a new Direc TV customer, can I order service without a contract – pay as you go.We’ll update how long it took to receive a response.

When we attempted to contact Direct TV, we encountered the automated service that was difficult to navigate.

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