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His previous research also tracked different animals’ grazing patterns.From that research – recently published in the journal “Ecology” – he and his team found that smaller animals preferred the fresh re-growth that sprouted after the burns took place, and larger animals continued to graze mostly in unburned territories.The country itself is amazing and beautiful.” The experience went beyond the trip to Kenya, though.Students in Hufford’s Advanced Pre-Production course in spring 2014 planned the documentaries, and students in Advanced Post-Production edited and produced the videos in fall of 2014. – While most college students spent their summers working a summer job and taking a break from studies, four Goshen College students and recent alumni spent the summer riding around the African savanna in a Land Rover, spotting elephants and studying fire ecology with their professor.For six weeks this summer, the students had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live in Kenya as they worked alongside Associate Professor of Biology Ryan Sensenig on his fire ecology research.“Working in Laikipia, Kenya, affords us the opportunity to wrestle with how to do conservation of wildlife, while simultaneously working to address needs in the local human community.” Sensenig’s previous research included conducting burns in different ranches in Laikipia.

“Add to that the international travel and experiencing a different culture, which are priceless educational opportunities for these students,” he said.“There are a couple of takes that didn’t make it into the film where the pigs are standing up on their hind legs to try to reach the camera.” The film he’s talking about is an eight-minute documentary about sustainable farming in Ndeiya, Kenya, one of two short documentaries filmed by Goshen College students during a May term course in 2014.The Goshen College Communication Department and Five Core Media recently released the two documentaries on the work of Foods Resource Bank (FRB) and its partners in Kenya: Sunset to Sunrise: Sustainable Living in Ndeiya and Culture and Community: The Maasai Shift to Settled Life.For more information on the Goshen College Communication Department go to or contact Pat Lehman at 574-535-7587 or via email at [email protected]

To learn more about Five Core Media, visit their website at Five Core, or contact Kyle Hufford at 574-535-7192 or via email at [email protected]

In this way, they found that fires could increase diversity.

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