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If you have ever watched Japanese drama, you could imagine how Japanese men ask girls out. Therefore, actually less than 1% of people in Japan are recognized as foreigners. It happened to me when I had a meeting with Asians and Westerners. There was an evacuation drill at construction site around lunch time. This incident was reported at the meeting and the safety officer said “What a good practice! And then, only westerners were laughing a lot but the rest of us simply worried about the guy choked.When a guy was having lunch, the emergency alarm came out for the drill. Even they kept talking about it for few more minutes that noodles also evacuated well and so on.Don’t be so negative to make sarcasms but just choose softer ones for beginners.

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However, there are many ironic jokes in Japanese too.Seeing how many people are enjoying the page gives us a lot of motivation to bring you new stuff!A while back, we dissected a list from blogger and internationalist Madame Riri about three things Japanese women do that scare off foreign guys.Rather than asking me, someone who’s never met your boyfriend, why not ask him?