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By looking at the coin in your article WCN, I notice the coin is dated 1914 and the article says it is struck.The 1914 yuanshikai was put into circulation in December of 1914, was 39-1/2 mm (in diameter), 2-1/4 thick, 26.4g and of 0.890 silver fineness.A warlord who had a province under subjection decided to mint a coin because it was very popular and at the same time put the amount of silver in the coin he saw fit.The warlords were the only people who could pull something like this off: who would dare try to arrest him?After several years of circulation the coin became very popular. Because the coins had always shown uniformity in weight and fineness.The people trusted the value of the said coin in silver.Potter, in reference to your World Coins, April column, I'm amazed that since you mentioned the possibility of counterfeiting, that you didn't mention the first thing to do, if you have any suspicion.

Another situation is the fact that the warlord did not mint the coin with permission from the central government.The warlord who made these light coins was obviously a shyster. Soon we are building a reference site on counterfeits and imitations.Our store will only sell graded rare Chinese coins. The images shown here are of the second counterfeit Fat Man dollar that I did not show in the April column.At first glance, both coins also appeared to be double-struck in the collar but unlike most in-collar double strikes, one of them has normal reeding while the other seems to have normal reeding in some areas and then tightly spaced "double reeding" in other places.

Chinese coin specialist Richard Nelson weighed in saying they might be genuine, that this is a very common date on a very common coin that was often struck from worn dies.

Back in the April issue of World Coin News we examined a Chinese 1914 Yuan that collectors affectionately refer to as the "Fat Man" dollar.

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