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They maintain that the spectrum approach could add to the knowledge of course and outcome of mood and anxiety disorders and inform treatment decisions.

She fell behind in class, and then began to avoid friends and stay in on weekends.The results of the authors' research efforts to date support the idea that the panic-agoraphobic spectrum is a robust and culturally transferable construct with important clinical implications for patients with mood and anxiety disorders.In particular, their findings suggest the need for alternate treatment strategies to treat mood patients with comorbid panic features [50,52].“I do worry that Rhys will leave me for someone ‘normal’ that he can get out and about with and explore the world and enjoy what it has to offer." Abby was diagnosed with agoraphobia - an extreme fear of public places - in August 2016.

Her family visits her favourite beach to take photos and collect shells to show her, and she speaks out on her Facebook page ' Abby’s Mental Health Journey'.

Jack, an 18-month-old chocolate Labrador, was so scared to go outside that he would cry, shake and play dead whenever his owner tried to take him for a walk.

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