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Ahmad Rashad was born on November 19, 1949, in Portland, Oregon and currently ages 66 years old.Ahmad is a graduate of Mount Tahoma High School and later was accepted in an athlete scholarship to the University of Oregon.After the divorce was final, Sale Johnson banned Ahmad from her house.Ahmad did get inside of the house and in his effort to enter the club gate, the guards hired by Sale stopped him and escorted him out.However, it was a surprise to know that Ahmad chose a woman who is 32 years younger than him.This is quite not the end because we have yet to talk about his previous relationships.Even after having a repetitive unsuccessful personal life, will there ever be hope of having a stable relationship?Well, you might get the answer to this tricky question in this segment where we are going to discuss the personal life of the sportscaster and former pro football player Ahmad Rashad.

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Later in 2013, the couple got divorced and Ahmad was banned from inheriting any of his ex-wife’s fortune due to the prenuptial agreement of the couple.Those are the appropriate emotions...[Friends tried to tell me], 'This will pass.' You think, 'Are they crazy?I'm never gonna feel any better than I feel right this minute.The couple has two children in total; a daughter from them and a son from In 2007, Ahmad Rashad was married to Sale Johnson who is also the ex-wife of multi-millionaire Woody Johnson, the heir of Johnson and Johnson.