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We found that considering the oftentimes glaring lack of resources, there was no shortage of caring! After a tour of the unit, she explained the process of naming babies in Ghana. All the girls in her family have the given name Mary, so Odeba, designates her as the ‘third girl.’ A laboring mother, Abena, for Tuesday, joined the conversation from her cot. Nurses are creative and committed to their approach to providing the best possible care with the equipment that is available. Emmanuel, a lifeguard at Coconut Grove asked, “do you like Ghana? ” He gave me a kind of a sideways smile and asked what it was that I loved so much. For the first few days of life, a baby has only a “day” name, one that corresponds with the date of birth. I felt amazed at the richness of this tradition and began to look at other people and wonder…who are you? The Willows Foundation is a group of volunteers who counsel women about family planning. I met girls as young as thirteen with sweet babies who are not yet one-year old. Two young mothers accepted appointments at a local clinic for long-term birth control that day. The shoreline with pounding waves and warm dry air, filled with colorful fishing pirogues. The relaxed lifestyle that we encountered in both places. It’s a pleasure to work with Rocky Marsiano on what may be his most personal work to date, an EP where he set aside his MPC, to focus instead on the sound he has developed with Meu Kamba Sound.In his own words: “Meu Kota is an EP that has been directly inspired by my live performances throughout the past year, whether as a DJ or with my Meu Kamba Sound collective.By asking them to contribute they will take an active part in the future of their children.Also they will be more serious to send their children to school because they paid for it.She chose to go into the bed and breakfast business because she loved staying at inns and thought she had the perfect personality for it.“You have to have a heart of service and genuinely like people,” said Greenwood.

There are just “a small percentage of innkeepers with that level of longevity.” Greenwood has built a unique model according to fellow inn owner Daniel Edwards of Morehead Manor in Durham, N. Greenwood’s inns offer upscale accommodations in historic properties with what she calls “old-fashioned hospitality and modern-day conveniences.” Guests are called by their names and there are amenities such as fresh-squeezed lemonade served on the front porch.

Our teachers get guidance from Headmaster Daniel who is a pensioned certificated teacher.