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A love that catches so intensely is destined to burn quickly out unless it is fed a steady diet of fuel. (At 5’3” it is not at all uncommon for a man to keep me literally on my toes.) Inevitably, every fiery romance must face the harsh cool winds of reality.You kept my flame more than sated as a stoner waxing floors in Pittsburgh and a medieval squire waxing poetic about food. I will admit, our flame flickered in those next few years.

Krista claimed she split with the actor because of his unwillingness to commit and his roving eye.'Krista did a guest spot on an episode entitled Last Action Hero,' says a source. Since then, they have been spending every spare moment together and they are even talking about moving in together.''Krista wants to make sure she and Nathan are moving in the right direction before they start living together,' says the source.Despite a recent increase in well-meaning suggestions that I try online dating, I am still not interested. My friends DO have a point: the internet is a powerful tool. This is my version of dating online: Dear Alan Tudyk, I am done waiting; let’s do this.After more than a decade writing comedy in Los Angeles, I have a practical Ph D in enduring bullshit with patience and grace.Sometimes, the universe needs a boot to the head, so the time has come to give Fate a swift kick in the rear.

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