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ATC Insider is a blog to keep you updated with the latest news and events revolving around Alliance Town Center.From new shop and dining options, to event features and more, the ATC insider blog is your source for all things Alliance Town Center.The brand new digital system could change the face of forestry certification reporting.Susan Bernstein-Schuren, Monitoring & Evaluation Officer at the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), explains how the ISEAL Innovations Fund acted as a catalyst for a long-awaited certification auditing system update.We are proud to be entrusted with such an important mission and to be returning to the Atlas rocket’s human spaceflight heritage dating back more than 50 years.Every year, we travel to the Capitol for Housing Opportunity Day.If you’re a first-time attendee, we make it easy for you to jump in to legislative advocacy, and if you’ve been before, we are excited to have you join us again! We made many major accomplishments during the 2017 legislative session, and we need your support to continue building on this success for housing opportunity.

voices make the difference, and Housing Opportunity Days are one of the best times to speak out."We are lucky live in a liberal democracy where people are able to hold any number of bizarre views."There is no issue with people voicing such opinions, but using the position granted by a public service broadcaster to promote an extreme agenda is a different thing entirely."This is the clearest possible abuse of the position the BBC has given Chris Packham and as it is an on-going behaviour, rather than an isolated incident, it is difficult to see how the situation can change. He was saying that we all need to do more on the illegal killing of wildlife and that no one should be standing by when criminal acts [were taking place].

"If it does not, then the BBC's only answer can be to remove the BBC from Chris Packham's biography by refusing to employ him any more." The magazine, produced under licence from the BBC by Immediate Media and obliged to follow BBC editorial guidelines, defended Packham strongly. Packham was doing something of real value,” said editor Matt Swaine.

Housing Opportunity Day is a chance to advocate on behalf of people experiencing housing instability, and to share with Legislators why it matters that we all have a safe place to call home.