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Homepage is at, docs are on Amber Docs, Github repository is at amberframework/amber, and the chat is on Gitter or Free Node IRC channel #amber.(But it does inherit some concepts from Rails that are good.)This document is here to describe everything that Amber offers out of the box, sorted in a logical order and easy to consult repeatedly over time.The Crystal level is not described; it is expected that the readers coming here have a formed understanding of Crystal and its features.# To install the file, or to symlink the system-wide executable to current directory, run one of:make install # default PREFIX is /usr/localmake install PREFIX=/usr/local/stow/make force_link # can also specify PREFIX=...Slang is extremely elegant, but very different from the traditional perception of HTML.

ECR is HTML-like, very similar to Ruby ERB, and more than mediocre when compared to slang, but it may be the best choice for your application if you intend to use some HTML site template (from e.g. (Or you could also try html2slang which converts HTML pages into slang.)In any case, you can combine templates in various languages in a project, and regardless of the language, have in mind that the templates are compiled into the application.

It is just that in run mode, the resulting binary won’t be saved to a file, but will be executed and later discarded.