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i do trust him, and i am not sure exactly how he feels but i hope it's along the lines of my feelings- i have seen what he looks like and i think he is attractive, and honestly i wouldn't care if she was "less attractive" than my standards because i love him for the person he is..he fell in love with my personalities ,no matter what i it seems it doesn't matter how or where you meet as long as you take the time to talk, talk and talk first and then some more.i'd advise you that (if you two do meet) - that you seek to meet him at his place of work. now im caught up because i really love this man and he doesnt even know my real name.if ever you want to establish true love, you have to meet an apparent lover in person.4 years ago you all may not believe this when i say i am 17, but i've been best friends and really really close friends with this guy.definetely you can fall in love with someone on internet.if you could give me any suggestion then it would be very big thing for me.

Violetdreams 5 years ago rachel, how can you say you don't want to be a homewrecker, yet you spent the past weekend with a man you clearly new was married?

thought i was deeply in love with my ex of almost 3 years.