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The Andreozzi family came from Rome in the 18th century; they went back to Rome after Gaetano Andreozzi's marriage to Marchioness Maria Vienna Lepri Bernini.In 1788 Nicola Andreozzi sold the building to Carlantonio di Crispolto Angeli Nieri, chief consul of Bevagna, a member of the ancient Angeli family who had been living there since the 16th century.GR-TFG has been around the web since 2009 and started monthly face-to-face (F2F) book discussions in 2012.Members of the group come from all ages and places, but we all come together for the love of the written word.L'Orto degli Angeli has a total of fourteen rooms and apartments all of which preserve great part of their original fittings including rare pieces of antique furniture, paintings, and even kitchen utensils and other small items which help to tell the history of the family and lend a special charm to these delightfully comfortable rooms.In the elegant 18th-century Palazzo Andreozzi there are nine stylishly decorated rooms, each named after one of the Angels portrayed in the exquisite frescoes which recall the family name.

Three important families from central Italy have lived in the buildings.In 1811 Giuseppe Angeli Nieri's son, Filippo, married Lucrezia Volumnia Mongalli, acquiring the title of Count Mongalli for his descendants.In 1686 Abbot Bernardino Mongalli was conferred the title of Lateran Count.It wasn't until Claudine recently posted a couple of letters from Rico that we were reminded of their bittersweet relationship.

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