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The homeowner recognized the actress and welcomed her.Heche proceeded to drink several glasses of water, requested a shower, claimed that she was God, and offered to take everyone back to heaven in her spaceship.Nevertheless, Heche and De Generes were the hottest same-sex couple in the world at that time, and couldn’t resist gushing about each other.But three years later, the cracks began to show in their relationship.Her sister, Abigail Heche, and their mother, Nancy Heche, are her only surviving relatives.Nancy Heche is a public personality who has conflicting views on same-sex relationships.After six years together, the couple separated in 2007.According to her ex-husband, Heche was an unfit parent for their son.

Due to financial difficulties, a 12-year-old Heche began working at a dinner theater in New Jersey.She also alleged that he was “sexually deviant” and raped her when she was a child.Not long after her father’s death, Heche’s brother died in a car crash.More than a decade ago, Anne Heche was one of the most sought-after actresses after starring in major blockbusters.

But after the very public end of her romance with Ellen De Generes, Heche’s career took a rapid plunge. She spoke about her family life several times, including about moving a total of 11 times during her childhood.

The press had a field day with Heche’s apparent psychotic breakdown.