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The appearance will be fairly similar, though hand-coloring can vary, and disparities in the condition of two prints can make them look quite different.Sometimes reproduction prints use a different typeface or type size for the titles on the prints.Thereafter, sometimes the plates were re-engraved, especially the skies, and additional prints were restruck.

Many people own or inherit interesting old objects and artwork, and naturally they want to know what these things are worth.One set of lines will be very fine, the other set of lines will go the opposite direction and be about ¾ of an inch to 1.5 inches apart.There often are little impurity bits in early laid paper since it is made of rag pulp. Antique engravings or etchings should have a plate mark, the indented impression of the rectangular copper or steel plate when the print was made. Color prints from the late 19th century and earlier are generally hand-colored with watercolor paint, though sometimes the plate from which they are printed was colored (like a color-printed aquatint, or a chromolithograph).However, we have put together this document to educate the consumer as to how to go about obtaining a reliable appraisal. As general guidance, we can say that there is a wide variation in valuation depending on if an item is to be sold at wholesale or retail.

For any individual item its authenticity, decorative appeal, rarity, and condition are important factors in determining value.

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