Appearing needy dating

(I go into great detail about this in the article “Ask a Guy: The Less I Care, The More He Seems To.”) Now in terms of him calling you “babe” and saying he likes you- first off, whatever you’re doing to force him into reassuring you that he likes you… Guys get tired really fast of having to reassure a girl that they actually like them.Plus it makes us wonder what’s wrong with you if it’s so hard for you to believe we like you! I’m talking about whatever keeps you STUCK in the past and holding on to something that’s not real. Because that puts incredible pressure on him and makes him feel like making you happy is a chore.

However, based on some of the comments I feel like there is still confusion regarding when a woman is acting “needy” and when she’s not.So here is the guiding question when it comes to neediness: Did he break a specific promise he made to you about a specific event at a specific time?I am not talking about a guy saying, “Oh yeah, I’ll text you back within an hour as long as I see it.” That’s a generalized promise and probably a “promise” a guy would make only after a girl pressured him into saying it.Playing the cat-and-mouse dating game can be exhausting.