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That one had a 4.1-star rating, 17,000 starred reviews, and over one million downloads. "The initial results were more promising than the first app, no plaintext PIN stored in the shared preferences." But, he wrote, "the promise didn't last long." When Sawyer found (by testing it on himself) that unmasking any Vault user's PIN code was easy, he "stopped analysis at this point, the app was already beyond broken."These companies are selling products that claim to securely store your most intimate pieces of data, yet are at most snake oil.You would have near equal protection just by changing the file extension and renaming the photos."If you want to know what happens when a hacker visits the Google Play Store trying to find an app that can't be cracked ... And that's where Apple's App Store has some advantage, even though i OS apps aren't as secure as users want to believe.For a recent gig, he was contacted by a forensic specialist for a law enforcement agency.The law enforcement contact told Sawyer they had a phone with information on it "that could make or break a very sensitive case." They had been trying to access the phone's files and get data off the device with commercial mobile forensic tools but weren't having any luck.Join here for the latest on how people are making money – and how they're losing it.Infosec Apple fanboys are not known for their empathy -- either for those who can't afford their holy high fetish of phone security (i Phone) or for those who simply can't stomach the ecosystem's mounting hypocrisies. Apple's App Store at least tries to curate product security, while Google's Play Store is like playing appsec Russian roulette.

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Although there was that one time scientists at Georgia Tech got an app named Jekyll into the App Store in 2013.

Sawyer verified their identity and purpose and got to the task at hand. and some trickery we were able to fully extract all data off the device," he explained. What if this criminal was using another layer of security?