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"I felt like I did enough during the week," he says hopefully - and when Nigel asks him to do a backflip, Joshua replies: "That's so mean! Tyce admits that they're taking a risk, but says they're looking for "star quality" - Amelia's made it. Amelia, Dareian, Janaya and Matthew perform The foursome take to the stage to perform a Stacey Tookey routine set to Efterklang's 'Modern Drift'.Zooey describes the performance as "delicate and beautiful", saying it was like she was watching a painting move.Nigel explains that they've gone with "consistency" - Daniel!But they're doing another fakeout, because Cheyon is also through (and the news makes him burst into tears.)Eliana, Daniel and Cheyon perform Eliana, Daniel and Cheyon take to the stage for their performance, set to 'Romantic Inclinations/Like A Shot/Fury'.but he has no need to worry, because he's going through! Lindsay gives her big hugs of congratulations and is a really good sport - but wait! She jokes that she was worried about Nick - "You could have been hurt!Whitney Carson and Lindsay Arnold: Whitney and Lindsay have competed since they were children and it's never stopped them being friends before, but with the judges looking for one ballroom girl, how will things turn out? Mary says that Whitney is "like fire" and has "fabulous" technique, while Lindsay is a "great technician" who blew her away. "Classically trained dancers Classically trained dancers Daniel Baker, Cheyon Wespi-Tschopp and Eliana Girard are waiting nervously - will they make it into the Top 20?Meanwhile, Zooey praises the group's "incredible" teamwork and said they all pulled their weight.