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, from show creator/executive producer Jeff Davis and director/co-executive producer Russell Mulcahy, takes the larger story of the transformation that every teenager goes through as they come of age and figure out who they are, and tells it with the added ingredient of werewolves.

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And, when mysterious new girl Allison Argent (Crystal Reed) shows up in town, Scott learns a secret about her family that could put an end to their romance before it really even gets started.That’s such a vague answer, but I can’t use examples because it will give away the show. They go into different storylines and personalities and it’s great to see those stereotypes change up a little bit.HAYNES: In the pilot, you’re introduced to these stereotypical characters, whether it be the brooding older werewolf or the jock or the popular girl. HOECHLIN: It’s fun for me because Derek is kind of the mystery of the show and every episode is just as much of a mystery to me.No matter who your friends were, our grades were really important to us. We actually cared about our education, and that’s carried through with me, just having graduated college in September.

HAYNES: Jeff is so great when it comes to having his ears open.

Forget what I wrote and say this.” Sometimes it just comes out to be even more genius than what he put on the page.

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