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Meanwhile, poor Robin is clueless that the dead guests and other mishaps are caused by Beth (Iris). Solid performances from the cast, particularly dueling leads Pullman and Patterson.It's a bit predictable, but director John Murlowski knows how to handle tele-thrillers like this one.

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This blog is dedicated to the greatness of movies appearing on Lifetime and the Lifetime Movie Network. The bed and breakfast in "Deadly Inn" (which premiered last week on Lifetime" is not the place to go for relaxation.After that tragedy, interior designer Robin (Angie Patterson) and her adopted daughter Ava (Kate Mina Lin) purchase the place and transform it into a rural getaway.Helping out is hunky handyman Drew (Chad Michael Collins).It is not affiliated with Lifetime nor do the views presented reflect those of the network. Guests expecting some R&R at this place find M&M (murder and mayhem)!