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I simply liked the idea of how this article connects India, Iran, and Balkans, three places related to ancient Aryans. 1600, as a term in classical history, from Latin Arianus, Ariana, from Greek Aria, Areia.Before we jump to any conclusions, lets us first define the basics. Names applied in classical times to the eastern part of ancient Persia and to its inhabitants.heory of Aryan origins of Serbs and Croats is nothing new.

Arian was used in this sense from 1839 (and is more philologically correct), but this spelling caused confusion with Arian, the term in ecclesiastical history. It related to almost whole of Europe with parts of the Middle East and North India.

According to Eupedia, R1a haplogroup is typically Balto-Slavic and Indo-Iranian, while R1b is Italo-Celtic, Germanic, Hittite, Armenian.