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Where some art instruction websites offer many areas of study, for example, painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking, other may offer just one area, drawing, for example.The variety of subjects presented doesn't necessary assure the quality of the website.Give Your Students A Heart for Art--Our Favorite Homeschool Art Program For over twenty years our family has used this curriculum, and I am delighted to be able to offer it to our customers. First, it fits our philosophy of gentle, kid-friendly curriculum that are easy to use.Second, my children have ranged from artistically talented to artistically challenged, and all of them have benefited from this simple program.In a recent study of several art classes in Boston-area schools, we found that arts programs teach a specific set of thinking skills rarely addressed elsewhere in the curriculum - and that far from being irrelevant in a test-driven education system, arts education is becoming even more important as standardized tests like the MCAS exert a narrowing influence over what schools teach." Read the rest of my Ezine article on "Why Teach Art?" There are many art instruction on the Internet these days. Others do not adequately cover the content or you may find it difficult to follow the instructions.If you have done some painting with acrylic paints and need a refresher for your skills, or seek to continue with acrylic paints, I have created several videos that will help you develop your skills further.

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provides homeschooling advice and educational games for kids ideas!I was doing alot of web browsing on the yahoo search engine looking for free art classes because right now, I cannot afford to pay to go to art school.So I was looking for free art lessons for the time being that would still provide the same kind of lessons to assist in my growth as an inexperienced artist.In the Beginning Acrylic Painting lessons have created several videos that show simple exercises you can do to develop your painting skills.

These are fun, non-intimidating ways to become acquainted with acrylic paint, how to mix colors and various simple techniques that will introduce you to painting with acrylics.

" I didn't think I had the patience or talent to teach my own kids...

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