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The group also claims to be fighting against a Zionist-occupation government (ZOG) that purportedly controls the U. WAR was founded in California by Tom Metzger in the early 1980s and promoted the formation of several racist-oriented skinhead gangs in California and throughout the United States.The organization gained visibility from 1984 on, when Tom Metzger inaugurated his cable television program, "Race and Reason." WAR accuses the U. government and the American political arena (as well as most of the press and televised media) of being under Zionist (e.g., pro-Israel Jewish political movement) control.

Pringle's eye for detail means that The Master Plan is rich in such bizarre characters, ridiculous theories and colourful anecdotes.Both Hitler and Himmler believed, entirely erroneously, that true Germans were descended from an Aryan ideal and that Nordic culture, from language to folk music, had proved itself superior over the course of history.Aryan man, Hitler said, was "the Prometheus of mankind from whose bright forehead the divine spark of genius has sprung at all times".Massively researched and engagingly written, The Master Plan is surprisingly disturbing, showing how "in Himmler's hands, the distant past [became] a lethal weapon against the living".