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One San Antonio, Texas, city employee whose details were included in the leak committed suicide Aug.20, although officials say it is not clear if the man's death is related to the leak, the San-Antonio Express News reports."We were in Avid Life Media a long time to understand and get everything," Impact Team tells Vice via email.The publication says that the attackers' email used the same PGP key that they have employed to sign their data dumps. You could use Pass1234 from the internet to VPN to root on all servers." Avid Life Media did not respond to a request for comment on the hackers' claims."Unfortunately that's simply not possible - once information has been sufficiently socialized and redistributed, which the Ashley Madison data has certainly been - the exposure is irretrievable," he says in an online Q&A that has been driven by the "huge number" of related queries he has received from breach victims."At this point it is better to focus on damage control - consider the impact of your Ashley Madison membership being known by everyone and what actions you might take in order to minimize the impact - i.e.Rest assured that the feature you chose is the best way to make sure your profile is completely removed from our service. It is like you were never even here." But as the former customer notes, that does not explain why his supposedly excised personal details were included in the dumped data. One potential explanation for why users of Ashley Madison's paid-delete service may have seen their personal details still appear in the breach could be because the Impact Team may have had access to all of the data, thus rendering moot any attempt to remove it from Avid Life Media's servers.The attackers, in an interview, have provided further details about the hack, as well as the state of Avid Life Media's defenses.

Unlike Hunt, however, one online investigations company - called Trustify - has created a site where people can search the leaked Ashley Madison data for specific email addresses.discussing with a spouse." In terms of the leaked data, Hunt notes that "the earliest record of a member in the database shows a creation date of 17 January, 2002," while "the earliest payment record appears as 21 March, 2008." The Ashley Madison hack and data dump has already triggered related lawsuits, including a Canadian lawsuit seeking class-action status, as well as a U. suit filed by a customer, "Jane Doe," who claims that the company's "full delete" service failed to remove all of her customer details from Avid Life Media's systems, as advertised (see No Surprise: Ashley Madison Breach Triggers Lawsuits).Another former customer tells the Guardian that his details appeared in the dump, despite his paying £15 to have them removed.The attackers report that they hacked into Avid Life Media's systems "a long time ago," and amassed an extensive amount of information from the company: "300GB of employee emails and docs from internal network. Some Ashley Madison user chats and messages." The hackers claim that hacking Avid Life Media was not difficult. Schwartz is an award-winning journalist with two decades of experience in magazines, newspapers and electronic media.

"We worked hard to make fully undetectable attack, then got in and found nothing to bypass." The site's security, they say, was "bad," and monitoring appeared to be scarce or nonexistence. He has covered the information security and privacy sector throughout his career.

There are ways to hide the exposed details, but first you need to see what information can be found across the web.

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