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This tactic resulted in his ascent to the position as top employee in the entire store chain based on customer feedback.

Angel and O’Day met only two weeks ago as cast members of Hairspray on Broadway and are nothing more than friends.Except during her college years and a few years of her work with The New York Times, she has lived in Bethesda, Maryland, where she was born and where her immediate family still resides.Parker grew up in Bethesda, Maryland, and attended Walt Whitman High School, where she was a member of the class of 2001 along with Andrew Feinberg, the former White House correspondent for Sputnik, the Russian state-owned news agency.Because of O-Town, J Records made musical history as the first label in Sound Scan history (1991 and on) to have its first single release debut at #1 on the sales charts.

Also, O-Town is the first artist in Sound Scan history to have its first single come in at #1, an achievement recorded in the 2002 Guinness Book of World Records. top 40 chart and was nominated for numerous awards, including Song of the Year during the 2001 Radio Music Awards.

In case you didn't know, Ashley is the only member of O-Town, who has decided not to return to the band and make new music.