Asus transformer weather widget not updating

Notification dots showed up in the previous update, based on the same feature in Android O.Now, they look a bit more integrated with Action Launcher thanks to support for Quicktheme.Users of Action Launcher have apparently been asking for a built in weather widget, and they're finally getting it in v27.It's a small 2x1 affair that looks similar to the weather display on Google's Pixel Launcher.The icon-based color setting is particularly neat; your Gmail shortcuts are red, Messages are blue, and so on.The Quicktheme color picker has actually been revamped as well, making it easier to tweak all your theme colors.

If it's not showing up on your devices yet, it'll be there soon.I’m ready to get rid of it and move onto something else if Asus doesn’t roll out a fix in the next couple of weeks.What was once my favorite tablet hands-down now freezes up regularly, reboots for no reason, and sometimes gets stuck in a loop trying to boot, just showing the initial boot logo over and over and over, turning itself on and off. One night it drains 40% overnight when left in standby, the next night only like 5%.Last week Asus released a much-anticipated firmware update for the original Asus Transformer tablet that upgraded the operating system from Android 3.2 Honeycomb to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

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    Sep 25, 2017. The OnePlus weather widget does not update it's information on the Shelf by itself. It only updates when you click on the widget.…