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That lively, poetic portrait of student friends and lovers living in bohemian squalor in Barcelona was a success for all concerned, and gained further momentum on DVD as a university residence-hall staple.Klapisch revisited the characters in 2005’s Russian Dolls, but waited a further eight before embarking on Chinese Puzzle, which sees Xavier (Romain Duris), Isabelle (Cécile De France), Wendy (Kelly Reilly) and Martine (Tautou) in New York City.In France, the adaptation didn’t receive glowing reviews, but with less invested in the source material, British audiences may find more enjoyment in Gondry’s typically surrealistic fantasy. “Michel asked me if I could stand Romain and I said, ‘I can stand him very well’. We are accomplices.” They are alike in other respects.When I interviewed Duris, he told me Tautou had casting approval on Mood Indigo and could have rejected him as her co-star. Both are content being big fish in the Gallic pond, rather than mimicking Marion Cotillard or Mélanie Laurent by seeking Hollywood careers (although Tautou starred in The Da Vinci Code), and neither pursues directors with intent, willing, as the actress describes it, to “suivre le courant” (follow the flow). “I keep my wishes and dreams secret, like a child,” she says.

Born in Beaumont, France, on August 9th, 1978, Tautou's childhood interest in monkeys led to plans to become a primatologist, but she found her true calling when she began to study acting in school.But if I worked any more than I do, I’d have no personal life.”A translator is on hand to smooth the conversational flow, although in fact the actress gets by just fine, and the irresistibly charming side of Tautou, the one Jean-Pierre Jeunet first displayed to the world in his Parisian fantasy Amélie, is also much in evidence.When I tell her she’s an icon of “Frenchness”, far from scoffing, she’s comfortable with the concept, as long as I’m referring to “the very positive aspects of being French... She flags up two offending articles in recent times, one which claimed she was ready to quit acting.

There’s a disapproving tut, because while Tautou’s English is perfectly decent, “you English journalists never understand what I’m saying”.

After graduation, Tautou found roles on French TV, and earned Canal 's prize in 1999 for Best Newcomer.

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    Audrey Justine Tautou French pronunciation odʁɛ ʒystin totu listen; born 9 August 1976 is a French actress and model. Signed by an agent at age 17, she.…
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    Audrey Justine Tautou was born on August 9, 1976 in Beaumont, France, to Evelyne Marie Laure Nuret. Born August 9, 1976…
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    Audrey Tautou is as French as can be. When I meet the actress to discuss two different films, first in Paris and more recently in London’s Corinthia Hotel, she is a.…