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He defines a Canadian boomer as someone born from 1947 to 1966, the years that more than 400,000 babies were born.However, he acknowledges that is a demographic definition, and that culturally it may not be as clear-cut.These monikers include, but are not limited to, "golden boomers", "generation Jones", "alpha boomers", "hippies", "yippies", "yuppies", "zoomers", and "cuspers." Advocates of these "cultural segments" are often zealous and overstated in their attempts to redefine generational boundaries, often claiming wide adoption and sometimes advancing self-promotional agendas.In Ontario, Canada, one attempt to define the boom came from David Foot, author of Boom, Bust and Echo: Profiting from the Demographic Shift in the 21st century (1997).Those born in the 1960s might feel disconnected from the cultural identifiers of the earlier boomers.76 million American children were born between 19, representing a cohort that is significant on account of its size alone.In 2004, the British baby boomers held 80% of the UK's wealth and bought 80% of all top of the range cars, 80% of cruises and 50% of skincare products.In addition to the size of the group, Steve Gillon has suggested that one thing that sets the baby boomers apart from other generational groups is the fact that "almost from the time they were conceived, Boomers were dissected, analyzed, and pitched to by modern marketers, who reinforced a sense of generational distinctiveness." A survey found that nearly a third of baby boomer multimillionaires polled in the United States would prefer to pass on their inheritance to charities rather than pass it down to their children.

They were also the generation that received peak levels of income; they could therefore reap the benefits of abundant levels of food, apparel, retirement programs, and sometimes even "midlife crisis" products.The increased consumerism for this generation has been regularly criticized as excessive.One feature of the boomers was that they have tended to think of themselves as a special generation, very different from those that had come before.In the United States, that change marked the generation with a strong cultural cleavage, between the proponents of change and the more conservative individuals.

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