As a result, we have quickly become one of the most trusted senior dating services on the internet.Here you can find people like you looking for friendship and love.Otherwise, users can be redirected to a page that does not exist (for example, if someone who is not authenticated tries to open the page with the QR code).If you want to test this locally, make sure that your locally run web server is available from your mobile device.

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I realize that xsi:schema Location and xsi:no Namespace Schema Location are hints, and thus get ignored or treated loosely.If you don’t have the “sites” framework enabled, the current site’s domain will be dynamically determined based on the “Host” header (the get_host() method of the Http Request object is used in this case), so even if the development server is listening on both loopback interface and the LAN interface, you should open the website using the LAN IP address (otherwise your mobile device won’t be able to browse to the authentication URL as a loopback interface’s IP will be used in the link). Make sure that you are logged in, browse to /qr/ (or use other path if you have specified something else in your root urlconf), pick up your mobile device and try to scan it.Possible solutions include sending the QR code by email (actually, some users are always logged into their email accounts as well, so this might be meaningless except for the fact that the QR code will not be available from the attacker’s JS) and prompting the user for their password before displaying the QR code (it is still much easier to type the password on a desktop/laptop computer’s keyboard rather than type the site address login or email password on a mobile device’s virtual keyboard).v=6ob3o R_Frhk) (in Russian) and in [this blog post]( (also in Russian). You may also want to set a custom expiration time for the authentication QR codes.

By default, the QR codes are valid for 300 seconds (5 minutes).

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