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I personally loved the idea of American Pervert but not enough to pay a subscription to a DEAD website. Should have just been added to the main Bangbros websites, along with the other temporary websites that you guys try to screw people out of their money for.-Customer service: I only pay for my subscription through epoch using old giftcards, you guys are that slimey that I wouldn't dare use my real credit card in fear that I'll just have to cancel it because you guys refuse to end my subscription.-Bring back Lesbian scenes: Please bring back the Layla Roses of the world. You guys should book her for a anal monsters of cock scene.Also Audrey Holiday (twitter) is another girl who has been available for IR for a while who hasn't gotten booked for it that would be great for a monsters of cock anal scene.I view Bangbros the same way I do Reality Kings and Brazzers-sites that are massively popular (and profitable) that have no regard for the comments/suggestions/complaints of their paying customers. Y'all can get back to posting random pics of girls with fat asses.Bangbros wants your Feedback','[url=]Bangbros wants your Feedback[/url]','');return false;" Kudos to Bangbros. Especially Joseline Kelly, Aida Fox, Michelle Michaels even though I know her as Monica Belluci.Demographic: 20-25 year old male, black/latino mix.Fit.-As a man who loves Latinas with big asses, Bangbros HAD it all.Bangbros wants your Feedback','[url=]Bangbros wants your Feedback[/url]','');return false;" Umm, you're missing the point Sgt.It's not going to Burger King and demanding Mc Donalds products.

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It's just a sin to book Lela for a scene andnot to get the 100% potential.But hey, they might as well know that a lot of us out there do love big asses, and pics are always better than just another bloody list of names and dudes begging for more gapes and DAPs.Edited by - Black Six on 1/17/2016 AMBangbros wants your Feedback','[url=]Bangbros wants your Feedback[/url]','');return false;" it's like going to burger king and complaining that they don't serve mcdonalds big macs there and asking to see the store want them to make a better and even different burger. at this point, you either go and make your own burger at home, or go to mcdonalds and get the type of burger you want.It's a request that Burger King bring back the products that made them unique that you couldn't get or got only rarely get at Mc Donalds, Wendy's etc.there are allot of post here that are comparing what BB is doing with what's going on on other sites.

ABC and I want you back were songs that Michael Jackson sung when he was a baby.

sethrob882 wrote: Jordan B,this is just a suggestion but you guys should make brownbunnies the black female version of Mo C hire hung white guys like Chris strokes and hire a mix of fresh girls and established girls Also Taylor Jones, Bunz4ever, Victoria Cakes, Coco Banks...

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